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Northern Tasmania Amateur Radio Club Inc
Northern Tasmania Amateur Radio Club Inc (NTARC) consists of a friendly group catering for all Amateurs. Interests range from rag-chewing on the local repeaters through to cutting edge communications technology. We emphasize social gatherings, often incorporating a barbecue with a construction project or similar. All interested persons are invited to attend as visitors to any of our functions or meetings.
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NTARC is an affiliated club with the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)
VHF UHF Summer Field Day 12th - 13th January 2019

The VHF-UHF Field Days provide VHF-UHF operators with the opportunity to "head for the hills" and see how far and how many they can work.

The Field Days have separate sections for single and multiple operator stations. The duration of the Field Day is 24 hours, but there are also 8 hour sections for operators who may not be able to camp overnight. Most club stations prefer to operate for the full 24 hours.

The Field Days also generate plenty of activity from home stations, so there is also a separate Home Station section.

All contacts must be simplex: contacts through repeaters or satellites are not allowed. There is plenty of FM activity, but one feature of the Field Days is a high level of SSB activity.

It is possible to do very well with only modest antennas if you pick a good hilltop. Another option, if your station is easily transportable, is to operate from more than one location during the contest period

Aim Of The Contest
The overriding aim is to get away for the weekend and have fun! But next after that, the aims are:
  - to encourage more activity on VHF and microwave bands;
  - to encourage people to work greater distances than usual by operating portable, and
  - to provide opportunities for people to activate or work into new grid squares.

(courtesy WIA website, used with permission)
2019 Contest Dates

VHF/UHF Field Day
Jan 12/13th

John Moyle Memorial Field Day
March 16/17th

Harry Angel Contest
May 4th 2019

Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest
July 20th

Remembrance Day Contest
Aug 17/18th

Ross Hull Memorial VHF/UHF Contest - TBA

VK Shires Contest - TBA

Contest rules for WIA contests can be found here